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Nice piece. I couldn't agree with you more on the stutter step PK (jorginho is the worst and gets praised for being a great PK taker when he does that hop crap). If you can't score a PK without it then you don't deserve the goal.

Can I ask something that I struggle with?

What is the purpose of PRO commenting at all (on any decision). They have a vested interest in aligning with their referees. Even in cases if an egregious error was identified, what would the outcome be, they aren't going to take away or add points and change the result.

I guess you can argue transparency as well as reinforcing confidence in the referee community and the astute fan will see that. The casual fan will retain the belief they were cheated and simply say PRO are just covering their ass. Coaches like arena will say they are cheated either way

I am of the opinion they should just review these and use them for internal evaluation of the suitability of individuals to referee at the highest level but do that behind closed doors. Let their actions do the talking

What do you think?

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