Ok I get this is meant to be a "hot take" and appeal to the rage in all of us over the situation.

I think we can all agree the actions of Claudio and Danielle are disturbing and the comments and misogyny from Claudio towards women deplorable. I can get behind a ban for both of them from US Soccer and can see the point of view about professional soccer in the US. Although I have to say that second point is not one I am fully aligned with but I get it. Telling private business who they can and cannot hire seems a bit presumptuous and they should always be able to do what they feel is right for the success of their business.

For me the take on Gio is way off base.

It's easy to forget Gio is 20 and 20 year olds make mistakes. He apologized for his behavior at the WC and it was accepted. To assume he will throw the people who raised him under the bus is naive.

As far as these comments:

"I strongly disagree with calling up Gio at this point in the cycle, and maybe not at all through 2026.

I don’t think I’d be all that upset if Gio never played for the USMNT again since I don’t think Gio himself grasps what a privilege it is to represent his country."

"Yes, innocent players will in the end be held accountable for their parent’s actions, it is a necessary step to rid evil from our sport."

I am not sure how you can project or know that he doesn't care about representing his country.

Advocating for a permanent ban or semi permanent ban for a 20year old as the subject but not the perpetrator? And punishing an innocent person for the behavior of another? Sorry but that is not what we are built on as a society. Ends don't justify the means. Problems need to he addressed but a statement using punishing innocent player as a deterrant robs Peter to pay Paul and instead brings other problems. Really we take revenge on the innocent?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I at the end recognize there are good reasons to have them but I will respectfully agree to disagree.

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