From a legal/HR perspective you are right, Williams filed the complaint, and that gives him a lot of protection against anything that could be construed as retaliation.

From a practical standpoint, what did Williams honestly think was going to happen? Did he believe he could serve as an effective head coach of this team once Bruce was suspended and then resigned? If so, then his judgement was either incompetent, delusional, or incredibly arrogant.

What is ironic about all of this is that the players are actually in the best position to hold Williams and the club accountable. The lawyers and HR can absolutely get team management and the league to follow their legal advice. However, they have very little ability to influence the players. If the players stick together they can essentially refuse to play for any coach they disapprove of. And HR/legal policy can't do a damn thing about players who aren't wiling to run fast for a coach they don't trust.

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Very good article and nice summation.

It agrees with what I've been saying, that it was an inconceivably bad decision to put Williams in the position of interim head coach.

And, to show that they still haven't learned much, they are now putting Peay in a role that he isn't really qualified for and won't have the necessary support for.

It all goes back to the fact that the person making decisions here is in way over his head (and has been for the many years he's been with the club) and it only took a crisis to expose that.

Having been a soccer player at MIT doesn't qualify one to manage a professional soccer team - and over 10 years of failure to even find a location for a stadium should have made the Krafts realize that.

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Some good points, but frankly, you are making some assumptions we do not know to be true. You say the team is protecting Williams as the whistleblower. He may have been a witness, but not necessarily the complainant, and as a witness, I don't think he has protected status, would he? He does, however, have a contract to be paid, and that is, presumably being done no matter what the position. There may be a load of reasons why the players do not want to play for Richie, some of which might be related to why Bruce told him he would not be re-signed to a new contract. And maybe, here's a thought, what Bruce is ruminating on is trusting someone he brought along to ride on his coattails.

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