TBM Video: A Closer Look At Giacomo Vrioni's Game Against Sporting KC

The striker had a positive outing against Sporting KC.
Photo Courtesy of J. Alexander Dolan

Giacomo Vrioni scored two goals in four minutes against Sporting KC on Saturday, matching the output he had in his previous 14 games for the New England Revolution. Here’s a closer look at his performance:

One major positive was that Vrioni was making hard runs into the box. This is important because Revs players—most notably DeJuan Jones and Brandon Bye—love to cross the ball. The Revs need a striker who can put himself in the right spot to guide the ball into the back of the net.

Another positive was that Vrioni continues to do a nice job toeing the offside line. The 24-year-old is smart with his movement and understands when to make a darting run in behind. The video above showcases his timing as well as his dribbling ability.

Obviously, the Revs need their striker to score goals, but they also need him to be the first defender. Bobby Wood is relentless with his pressing, which is one reason why he’s been starting. On Saturday, we saw Vrioni make some key defensive plays.

Wood has also been a good back-to-goal target player. He has been particularly good at immediately connecting with Carles Gil after winning the ball. This is an area where Vrioni needs to improve, though we did see him come back and combine with his teammates a few times on Saturday.

Vrioni also needs to work on his ability to win balls in the air. Although the Revs like to offer low crosses, some service will inevitably be in the air. This is especially true on set pieces. Right now, the team doesn’t really have a striker who regularly finishes with his head. Can Vrioni be that player?

I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen from Vrioni in recent weeks, but we have to remember that his goals have come against Sporting KC and CF Montreal, who aren’t particularly strong opponents. We know that Vrioni is working hard, and the Revs will hope that the best is yet to come.

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